Two giants of the New York catering and restaurant scene,ChefTallman and ChefBlondie teamed up to solidify Itsblondelicious Xclusive Catering and Event Planning & Production’s.

With the addition of award winning executive Cheftallman they are taking the tristate area by storm. Bringing a Xclusive touch to catering & event planning & production.

ChefBlondie stated “It is a distinct pleasure to welcome ChefTallman to our team,”. “His expertise as the executive chef for celebrities and several of the most prestigious restaurants in Jamaica will allow us to bring the finest food and dining experiences to those seeking outstanding and custom-created menus to highlight their special days, which include weddings, nightlife, birthday parties and corporate events.”

ChefTallman and I have known each other for decades, and we have always danced around with the possibility of teaming up,” said ChefBlondie. “The time just seems right and I look forward to working closely with him and his outstanding expertise with food preparation & presentation . With so many unique venues it will be exciting to create custom menus for those seeking the ‘signature’ experience for their once-in-a-lifetime special event.”

When asked what it means to team up with ChefBlondie & Itsblondelicious, Cheftallman stated “nothing can compare to reconnecting with the love of my life, my soulmate to create magical moments in life and in the art of food preparation & presentation. “WE ago Dweet With Love”

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